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16 Feb 2019

A Green New Deal

Posted by Michael Keating

After two years of backsliding, is the United States ready to once again be an environmental leader? Historically the country was a pioneer in creating environment departments, and passing clean air and water laws. Since Donald Trump became president two years ago federal environmental action has stalled and protections have been weakened. [However, many state and municipal governments have continued with their environmental agendas.] Now, some members of the Democratic Party are proposing a major sustainability agenda. It is called the Green New Deal, harking back to the New Deal President Franklin Delano Roosevelt brought in during the Great Depression of the 1930s to stabilize the economy, and provide jobs and relief to the many unemployed. The Green New Deal is aimed at systemic racial, regional, social, environmental and economic injustices. It would provide more support for health care and education, strengthen labour laws, promote a more sustainable food system and rapidly move the United States to renewable energy. It is certainly the most ambitious sustainability plan for any major nation so far.

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