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22 Apr 2013

A 10-point sustainability agenda

Posted by Michael Keating

A sustainability professor from Roads University in Victoria, BC has proposed a 10-point agenda for a transition to sustainability. Ann Dale suggests a move to an economy of low or zero growth to deliver prosperity while reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities.

Dale writes in Action Agenda: rethinking growth and prosperityhttp://mc3.royalroads.ca/sites/default/files/webfiles/MC3%20Climate%20Action%20Agenda.pdf  that the present economy, based on perpetual growth, rising levels of debt and continuing ecological deficits, cannot continue.

The proposed agenda was developed with input from more than 100 researchers, practitioners, civil society leaders and policy-makers participating in workshops and panels convened by the Canada Research Chair on Sustainability Community Development at Royal Roads. It recommends changing the nature of our development paths, redirecting their trajectories towards a steady state economy of a stable or mildly fluctuating scale.

The agenda calls for measuring well-being, imposing limits on certain practices, moving to a low carbon economy and counting the future value of resources as well as their current value.

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