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18 Feb 2024

Data and climate change

Posted by Michael Keating

The increasing use of computers has been under the gun for its voracious demands for energy to run the machines and power the Internet. When that energy comes from burning fossil fuels it is aggravating climate change. But an organization called datascienceprograms.com that promotes education in data science is encouraging people to use data science to deal with our greatest environmental problems. A web page titled How Data Science Can Help Fight Climate Change says “Data science … uses different methods, such as machine learning (where computers learn from data) and data visualization (turning data into pictures), to analyze the details and understand the most challenging components of climate change.” It goes on to explain how data is used to understand climate and to propose some solutions to our changing climate. It’s an interesting site for people who want to understand how data is and can be used and especially for those seeking careers in the data field.

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