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9 Apr 2023

Suzuki signs off

Posted by Michael Keating

It’s time to say goodbye to one of my favourite TV hosts, David Suzuki, who has headlined The Nature of Things science show since 1979. I met David about 40 years ago when I was environment reporter for The Globe and Mail and he was a guest columnist for the paper. By then he was turning this classic science show into a window into the environmental destruction that was creating such damage and conflict between those who benefited and those who suffered. I was impressed by his dedication to environmental protection. A geneticist by training, he brought scientific inquiry and a love of nature to the TV screen, telling people nature is the basis for our survival and we destroy it at our peril. For his work, including the TV show, articles, books and speeches David was given many awards. At 86, he’s retiring but the show goes on, co-hosted by his daughter, Sarika Cullis-Suzuki and Anthony Morgan. Happy retirement, David.

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