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28 Apr 2016

Tell the government about sustainability

Posted by Michael Keating

It’s not every day a federal government asks everyone for their opinion about sustainability. The Canadian government wants comments and suggestions on its latest draft Federal Sustainable Development Strategy. The strategy covers about 250,000 federal employees in some three dozen federal departments and agencies. Among the questions the governments is asking during the consultations: What can the federal government do to ensure a more sustainable future? What environmental sustainability targets should we aim for? How can we best measure and report on them? And what are you doing to meet our sustainable development challenges?

The draft strategy, for the period 2016-2019 covers many issues, but has five major goals: climate change; clean technology, jobs and innovation; national parks, protected areas and ecosystems; freshwater and oceans; and human health, well-being and quality of life. There are targets for issues such as: sustainable mineral resource development, sustainable energy and coastal ecosystems. The Canadian strategy links to the global agenda for sustainable development adopted by the United Nations last year.

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