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22 Mar 2013

Welcome to the new Sustainability Report

Posted by Michael Keating

The environment is back in the news after being pushed to the sidelines by the economic crises.

We see stories of droughts, floods, deforestation, overfishing, disappearing species and risky chemicals in our food and water.

At the same time a growing global population has increasing demands for food, water, transportation, energy and material goods.

Much of human development is unsustainable for the long term. We are using too many resources too fast, and dumping too much pollution into the environment.

Can we change course? Can our species evolve one that uses up and soils the world to one that lives comfortably within its ecological means? Or will future generations say we changed too little and too late?

Since The Sustainability Report went online in 1998 it has tracked key issues and trends shaping our environment, health and economy. This report focuses on environmental sustainability, showing the connections with our economy and well-being. The stories tell what is happening, why and what can and is being done to bend the curve of human development toward sustainability.

The report is now relaunched in a simpler blog format that still provides background information on key sustainability issues, combined with news and updates. I want to thank John Chenery for creating the original site and advising on the change, and Rob Dooh of Threestone Studios for creating the new site. I also want to thank many advisors who have guided the evolution of the report over the years.

I hope you find the new report informative and useful.

Michael Keating

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