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8 Aug 2023

Hard to face reality

Posted by Michael Keating

Recently, I watched an interview with some western farmers struggling to deal with crippling droughts that have become more severe in recent years. They were asked if climate change was the cause. Both dodged the question saying there had always been droughts. That is true but scientists say human-caused climate change is making weather more extreme and is behind the terrible heat waves, droughts and forest fires around the planet. The interview reminded me of a conversation a few years ago with a friend who had been a medical doctor and was always well informed about the news. When I mentioned that climate change was getting more severe he kept raising arguments to question such an idea. I have been writing about climate change for 40 years and have seen the solid science behind the forecasts that have become reality. I used to be annoyed by denials but now I feel more sympathy. After all, it’s hard to admit many of the things we have been doing all our lives, such as driving fossil-fueled cars and burning natural gas, are causing a climate crisis that will kill people and wreck economies. In the United States it has become a political issue with climate change deniers leading a major political party. We need to stop the arguments and find ways to get together to find solutions for the crisis we have created.

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