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29 Aug 2023

Mea culpa

Posted by Michael Keating

If we are to change our lifestyles to live within nature’s limits we have to start by admitting some hard truths. The first is that most people in the industrialized world are consuming and polluting far too much. My own mea culpa: I’ve always enjoyed driving cars, especially sports cars. Over the past 60 plus years of driving I’ve probably released more than 200 tonnes of CO2. And that’s not counting the emissions from travel for pleasure and business. Ironically some business travel was to work on environmental projects. What next? I try to limit driving while planning for either a pure electric car or a plug-in hybrid that will drastically reduce emissions. I have a heat pump on order to replace a gas furnace. I’ve reduced meat consumption. These are small steps and not enough to reach net zero but they are a start. And, we all have to start someplace. How about you?

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